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My main goal is to provide tailored Golf Instruction for Juniors, Seniors and Couples while adhering to the fundamentals of the Golf Game.

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Providing Professional Golf Instruction

Visualize Your Career Round.

Before you play, take a moment and remember your “career round.” Replay the best your have ever done on each hole. Let your mind go over each birdie or great par that you have made. When you step up to the first tee, carry that confidence that you feel, knowing that you can play great golf.

Stay The Course – With The Same Tempo.

Once you have established a good tempo for your swing, stay with it. Don not try to speed up your swing to get more distance or slow it down to try and steer a shot. Your established tempo should remain the same for all of your clubs.

Play Fairway Golf Once in a While.

When you are playing a fun round, try using iron or fairway woods from the tee to guarantee that you are in the fairway every time. You will realize that the accuracy from the tee will produce better scores as well.


Mini Swings Make Big Changes.

When you are trying to make a swing change or learn a shot, try taking small swings. Tee the ball up and make the swing you want in miniature form first, and gradually increase the length of the swing as you master the technique you’re trying to learn.


First Things First.

The first thing you should do when you reach your ball is to inspect your lie and the ground around your ball carefully. Look to see if there are any slight undulations, if your ball is sitting down or up, and how your stance feels. Avoid rushing through this part of your pre-shot routine, as the lie is critical for knowing how to play a shot.


See Your Shins.

Finding the correct amount of flex in your knees at your address position can be difficult. To get the proper feeling of flex, take your normal setup position and then flex your knees so that you can just see your shins.


Don’t Be Spineless

A good swing should have you feel that your spine is a center post with everything turning around it. Keep your spine angle in place and feel your shoulders and arms turn around it without swaying during the swing. This will allow you to make solid contact every time.


Try This Slice Buster.

To cure the common slice once and for all, try this drill. Open your stance by pulling your front foot away from the target line. Swing back by taking the club to the inside. Swing down at the ball by trying to hit it out to the right. After practicing this, return to a square setup and see the difference.


Tennis, Anyone?

To get a good sense of your swing plane or the path that your club takes during the swing, try swinging with a tennis racket. Set up with your normal position and make golf swings with the racket. The face of the racket should be perfectly square as you come through impact.


All Your WedgeShots Land Right of Your Target.

Because a wedge has a short shaft, you will need to clear your hips early to hit the ball on line to the target. To help you do this, set up with an open stance by pulling your front foot back from the target line. Place a little more weight on your front foot as well.


Learn To Draw Your Tee Shots.

A draw, or a ball that flies slightly from right to left, is an ideal shot from the tee, as  it will land and roll a good distance. Set up with a slightly closed stance - your front foot closer to the target line than your back foot - and make your normal swing.


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"Golf Instruction Tailored for Juniors, Seniors and Couples"

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"Golf Instruction Tailored for Juniors, Seniors and Couples"

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